Hemwick Charnel Lane


Lamps Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Hemwick Charnel Lane
Witch's Abode
The Witch of Hemwick Woman in House Executioner
Graveyard Hag
Hunting Dog
Rune Workshop Tool
Lake Rune


The inhabitants who lived in poverty here on the outskirts of Central Yharnam seem to have all but abandoned this vast graveyard. But be wary. Surely you are not completely alone here.

Hemwick Charnel Lane is an optional area in Bloodborne that can be accessed via the Cathedral Ward.

Connected Locations

Cathedral Ward - Connected by a short road which runs through a wooded area full of numerous graves and guarded by groups of rifle-armed Huntsmen and Hunting Dogs.

  • Standing outside of and facing the entrance of the Great Cathedral, where Vicar Amelia is fought, walk to the left of the doorway and continue past the Great Cathedral.

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle - Reach Hemwick crossing with a Cainhurst Summons in your inventory.

  • Hemwick crossing is the area before the Witch's Abode, where the Witch of Hemwick is fought, and is patrolled by Executioners.
  • The crossing is marked by an obelisk protruding from the road.


Woman in House


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