Henryk's Hunter Trousers

Henryk's Hunter Trousers

In-Game Description

Hunter's trousers worn by Henryk, the old hunter.

The taciturn old hunter Henryk was once partners
with Father Gascoigne, and although they were a
fierce and gallant duo, their partnership led to Henryk's
tragically long life.

Henryk's unique yellow garb is resistant to bolt and
will be of great help to any hunter who has inherited
the onus of the hunt.


General Information

Part of Henryk's Hunter Set.

Image Name Physical Defense
Blood Arcane Fire Bolt Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
Bloodborne_Icon_Armor_Henryk%27s_Hunter_Trousers.png Henryk's Hunter Trousers 50
50 50 60 80 12 24 25 34
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