Hunter Axe


Hunter Axe

One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly
used by those who dedicate themselves to the hunt.

Retains the qualities of an axe, but offers wider
palette of attacks by transforming. Boasts a heavy
blunt attack, leading to high rally potential.

No matter their pasts, beasts are no more than beasts.
Some choose this axe to play the part of executioner.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Effects
S. Poison/R. Poison/Vs. Kin/Vs. Beasts
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Hunter Axe 98/0/0/0/0

0 250 0/0/100/100 9/8/0/0


Trick Transform

Hand axe transforms into long poleaxe.


Acquired from a group of Messengers in Hunter's Dream after arriving there for the first time.

Purchase from the Bath Messengers in Hunter's Dream for 1,100 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Saw Hunter Badge.

Move Set


  • One of three starter weapons, the other two weapons are the Saw Cleaver and the Threaded Cane, and you may only choose one of the three.
  • Has the highest Rally potential of all weapons, meaning that attacks will restore more health than any other weapon when damage has been taken.
  • Cannot use any Left Hand Weapons while using the weapon in Trick form.
    • Pressing L2 will execute unique attacks (see Move Set for details).
  • Primary Physical attack properties can be converted into Arcane, Fire, or Bolt via Blood Gems that provide the respective attack bonus.
    • Conversion occurs for both flat additional (ATK+) and percentage additional (ATK+ %) attack.
    • Attack will scale based on Arcane scaling; Strength and Skill scaling will be ignored.
    • Physical attack will be removed.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Blood Gem
Materials Blood
Hunter Axe +0 98/0/0/0/0 D/E/–/D 0 -
Hunter Axe +1 107/0/0/0/0 D/E/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 3
Hunter Axe +2 116/0/0/0/0 D/E/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 5
Hunter Axe +3 125/0/0/0/0 D/E/–/D 2 Blood Stone Shard 8
Hunter Axe +4 134/0/0/0/0 D/E/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 3
Hunter Axe +5 143/0/0/0/0 C/E/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 5
Hunter Axe +6 152/0/0/0/0 C/E/–/D 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards 8
Hunter Axe +7 161/0/0/0/0 C/E/–/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 3
Hunter Axe +8 170/0/0/0/0 C/D/–/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 5
Hunter Axe +9 179/0/0/0/0 C/D/–/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 8
Hunter Axe +10 196/0/0/0/0 B/D/–/C 3 Blood Rock 1

Blood Gem Imprints


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