Hunter's Dream

Hunter's Dream

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Boss Mini-Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
None None Plain Doll
Bath Messenger (Blood Echoes)
Bath Messenger (Insight)
Stump Messenger


Hunter's Dream is the central hub in Bloodborne. There are several tools and NPCs here, as well as headstones that allow you to warp around Yharnam. Plain Doll is near the headstone, and is the character who allows you to level up.

Tools you find during your quest will unlock the ability to improve your equipment, equip runes and refine the materials.

Hunter's Dream is also a home for the Chalice Ritual, which allows you to delve into the Chalice Dungeons to retrieve loot and materials.

Real-world counterpart to Hunter's Dream is Abandoned Old Workshop.

Awakening Headstones


  • Gehrman
    • Appears to relay information regarding main quest-line.



  • You can summon co-operators for both final bosses. If they're of an opposing covenant, they'll be able to attack and kill you.
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