Hunter Tools

Icon Name Use QS Bullet Use Arcane Requirement Availability Notes
bN7USGe.png Old Hunter Bone Speeds up dashes and rolls. Player becomes invisible when dashing or rolling. 5 15 On a grave just outside the Abandoned Old Workshop.
yusEO4v.png Tiny Tonitrus Creates a stream of damaging blue sparks. 6 25 In a chest in a cage in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. Has an S arcane scaling.
8FSAuBB.png Empty Phantasm Shell Applies arcane to weapon. Increases weapon's AR by 80. 3 15 In a chest at the top of the tower in Byrgenwerth.
BbLXN3C.png Augur of Ebrietas Summons tentacles in front of user that deal arcane damage to enemies they touch. 1 18 In the theater room in the Lecture Building Has an S arcane scaling.
YNTswHh.png A Call Beyond Creates damaging arcane beams that track enemies. 8 40 To the right through the window in Lumenflower Gardens. Has an S arcane scaling.
TF8kopZ.png Choir Bell Heals cooperating players. 8 15 In a chest past the door requiring the Iron Door Key in the area where Micolash, Host of the Nightmare is fought. Has an S arcane scaling.
5udmmUl.png Beast Roar Repels enemies and projectiles. 2 15 In a house behind the dog cages in the Forbidden Woods.
tZ7APxw.png Executioner's Gloves Shoots arcane projectiles. 3 20 In a chest outside the window on the second floor of Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. Has an S arcane scaling.
NEqYnYS.png Messenger's Gift Disguises user as a messenger. 1 10 At a dead end in a ravine in the Nightmare Frontier.
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