• Shopkeepers and tradespeople recruited by the Healing Church to hunt beasts, now driven to fury by the blood sickness, they are roughly organized into mobs of opportunistic violence. Wielding a wide variety of weaponry, these coarse hunters will attack on sight.


Torch and Hatchet

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 912 742


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 425 742


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 547 742
Weaknesses Kind
Fire Neutral


Item Notes
Blood Vial
Molotov Cocktail
Quicksilver Bullets


  • Come in a lot of variants distinguished by their weapons and are seen very frequently throughout numerous areas in the game, the main variants are: Sabre, Axe and Torch, Pitchfork, Butcher Knife, Sickle, Shield, Rifleman and Firebomb

Attack Patterns

  • Most just swing at you in various ways as you would expect of whichever weapon they are holding, normally quite slow and easy to read.
  • The Butcher knife variant has a wild slashing attack of about 6 hits iconic to the early game enemies of all souls games
  • In general the main threat is their tendency to attack in groups.
  • Tend to be accompanied by dogs

General Strategy

Simple divide and conquer tactics do the job with this sorry crowd in most all cases, don't be shy using ranged items like Molotov's and throwing knives to pull them out into a position more comfortable for you to engage them in. One main thing is its best to either pull the melee ones away from the ones using ranged attacks because its much harder to fight when dodging ranged attacks or to eliminate the ones with ranged attacks first then retreat to a safe area to engage at your own speed… remember to bring a weapon with really wide swings…




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