Cain's Servants


Cain's Servant
  • Small, hunchback men that managed to survive the slaughter of the Vilebloods. They are trying their best to keep Cainhurst in working order for the Child of Blood, should they be born.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Arcane Bolt Fire Neutral


Item Notes
Blood Vial
Quicksilver Bullets
Numbing Mist


  • The darts he spits will cause the Forsaken Castle Spirits to attack the player more aggressively as getting hit with the darts will mark the player with a glowing Corruption Rune symbol. The symbol with fade away after a few seconds, provided you don't get hit with another dart.
  • Some variants of the dart spitter (specifically, the ones not accompanied by ghosts) will not mark you, but the darts will deal slightly higher damage.

Attack Patterns

  • Spit Dart
  • Cane Swipe

General Strategy

Since this type of enemy is most commonly found behind swarms of Forsaken Castle Spirits, it is usually best to take one of two approaches:
1. Either attempt to take out most of the ghosts outside of his range before approaching so the threat will be minimal if you do get hit.
2. Evade all the ghosts entirely, then rush past him. Or you could beat him to death before the ghosts catch up (provided you can kill him quickly).



Usually the dart spitters will be placed on elevated surfaces to allow them maximum visibility or hidden in corners to conceal them from the sight of wary hunters. In almost all cases, this enemy will also be closer to other, much more lethal enemies and is generally there to act as an annoyance/distraction rather than an actual threat.


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