Inflicted Organ

Inflicted Organ

In-Game Description

Special material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Special body parts collected by the Healing Church in
What was this gruesome bait used to lure?

The additional rite Rotted Offering beckons ungodly forces,
normally terrifying things, but also worthy prey for a special


  • Drops from Mummy enemies guarding chests and levers.
  • There are two in a chest in a mid-layer side room on Layer 3 of Lower Hintertomb.

General Information

  • Used in Holy Chalice ritual to perform the "Rotten" additional right.
  • The Rotten additional right causes one of three new enemies to spawn which could be; Eye Collectors (Witches of Hemwick) who will continuously summon Mad Ones until defeated, Tomb Prospectors or Labyrinth Ritekeepers.
  • The rite also appears to greatly increase the number of bloodgems both dropped by enemies and looted from chests. Bloodgems are typically stronger.
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