In-Game Description

The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge.
Needed to ring special bell, but induces frenzy.

General Info

Insight is a stat that is acquired by exploring the world and defeating bosses. Required to ring the Beckoning Bell. Higher Insight leads to world changes, including additional moves for enemies, new enemies where none were before, previously invisible things turning visible, and a damage/defense increase. Most world changes happen at 15 Insight. Frenzy Resist and Beasthood decrease with each additional point of Insight.



  • Ringing the Beckoning Bell spends one Insight..
  • Can be spent at the Bath Messenger (Insight) shop
  • Enemies will take reduced damage, gain new buffs, attack moves, and deal increased damage. Exact values are yet to be determined.


  • After defeating Rom and triggering the red moon phase, all mentioned insight effects become present regardless of insight level and will remain until the next playthrough.
  • Insight cannot be lost unless spent or forcibly sucked out by a brainsucker.
Insight Effect Notes
1 Plain Doll comes alive
1 Can level up at the Plain Doll Permanent
1 The Witch of Hemwick boss will summon Mad Ones
10 Bath Messenger's (Insight) become available.
15 Mad Ones appear in Hemwick Charnel Lane.
15 Church servants gain weapon buffs and additional attacks.
40 Lesser amygdalas become visible in cathedral.
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