Doctor who seemingly only seeks to heal and protect her patients.




Iosefka's Clinic

Behind the door to the sickroom you started the game in.

After defeating Father Gascoigne.
Up the stairs inside Iosefka's Clinic.



Before the Red Moon phase

After the Red Moon phase


  • Attacking the door will make her(the imposter) angry and you won't be able to talk to her. Early on, (the real) Iosefka will plead with you to calm down.
  • After the Father Gascoigne fight Iosefka is replaced by an impostor. Her attitude and voice actor changes (Credited as Impostor Doctor) and she starts holding a Threaded Cane and a Pistol.
  • If you fight the impostor she'll use Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond. Considering the nature of her experiments she's probably a member of the Choir.
  • After you find your way into the clinic she'll warn you not to go up the stairs. If you come back to the door after that she'll outright admit she's experimenting on survivors.

Voiced by: Jenny Funnell/Lucy Briggs-Owen

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