Key Items

Icon Name Usage Location
rypgRfY.png Astral Clocktower Key Grants access to the Astral Clocktower. DLC Item.
Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Dropped by the Living Failures.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Blood_Gem_Workshop_Tool.png Blood Gem Workshop Tool Unlocks the ability to reinforce weapons with Blood Gems Found in a chest in Central Yarnham in the library area after the Tomb of Oedon, immediately following the Father Gascoigne boss fight
UhOaLtZ.png Brain Fluid Give to Adeline to receive Blood of Adeline. DLC Item
Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Dropped by the blob on the central pillar in the Research Hall.
Broken Trinket ? ?
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Cainhurts_Summons.png Cainhurst Summons Grants access to Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. In the Forbidden Woods there is a village. Near the dogs you will find a hidden path. Follow the path through the cave and the poison lake. Climb up the ladder and you will find a shortcut to the clinic. The item is found in this area.
NnWQD86.png Celestial Dial Use in the Astral Clocktower to access the Fishing Hamlet. DLC Item.
Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Dropped by Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.
Y2u2oFf.png Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter Grants access to the Hunter's Nightmare through the lesser Amygdala. DLC Item
Obtained from a messenger in the Hunter's Dream after killing Vicar Amelia.
Eye Pendant DLC Item.
Found in the Cathedral in the Hunter's Nightmare
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Hunter_Chief_Emblem.png Hunter Chief Emblem Unlocks the main gate at the Great Cathedral. Purchased from the Bath Messenger (Blood Echoes) for 10,000 Blood Echoes. Only available after the first boss is defeated.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Iron_Door_Key.png Iron Door Key Opens the iron gate barring the great bridge. Found in the basement during the second half of the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss fight.
TGSDOrc.png Laurence's Skull Allows the player to fight Laurence, The First Vicar. DLC Item.
Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Below the large elevator going up to the research hall.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Lecture_Theatre_Key.png Lecture Theatre Key Opens the Lecture Theatre in the Lecture Building. Found in the ampitheatre room within the Lecture Building.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Lunarium_Key.png Lunarium Key Unlocks the Lunarium in Byrgenwerth College. Found on a counter up a ladder near the top of Byrgenwerth College.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Oedon_Tomb_key.png Oedon Tomb Key Unlocks the Tomb of Oedon. Dropped by Father Gascoigne.
Old Library Key ? ?
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Orphanage_Key.png Orphanage Key Unlocks the Orphanage. Dropped by the squid-headed enemy found on the second floor of the Upper Cathedral Ward.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Queenly_Flesh.png Queenly Flesh Remains of Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. Used to revive her at the Altar of Despair. Dropped by Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Ring_of_Betrothal.png Ring of Betrothal Wedlock ring given special meaning by the Great Ones. Very rarely found in chests in "root" Chalice Dungeons
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Rune_Workshop_Tool.png Rune Workshop Tool Unlocks the ability to use Caryll Runes. Found on a corpse in a small basement room in Hemwick Charnel Lane, found after the room you fight the The Witch of Hemwick in.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Short_Ritual_Root_Chalice.png Short Ritual Root Chalice Quickly join and search a Chalice Dungeon. Obtained after completing the Lower Hintertomb chalice dungeon.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Small_Hair_Ornament.png Small Hair Ornament Given to the Plain Doll to receive a Tear Stone. Found in the Abandoned Old Workshop, within a cabinet.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Tonsil_Stone.png Tonsil Stone Grants access to the Nightmare Realm through Amygdal (the building to the right of the Grand Cathedral). Obtained by talking to Patches the Spider. He is found pretending to be a NPC in the house beside the caged dogs in the Forbidden Forest village.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Unopened_Summons.png Unopened Summons Give to Alfred to end his questline. Found on a desk in Cainhurst Castle, beside Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Upper_Cathedral_Key.png Upper Cathedral Key Key to the Upper Cathedral Ward. Found inside a locked cage in Yahar'gul Chapel.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Workshop_Haze_Extractor.png Workshop Haze Extractor Extracts Arcane Haze from Ritual Materials. In Lower Pthumeru, in an optional side area in Layer 2, just past the boss gate.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Yharnam_Stone.png Yharnam Stone Sacred heirloom of Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. Obtained by defeating Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth.
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