Labyrinth Madman


Labyrinth Madman

Occupying the darkness of the Hintertomb Chalice Dungeons. The fiend piercingly bellows a high pitched scream upon discovering its prey. He tends to guard Pthmeruian treasure, lurking within the shadows.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Varies Low-Mid HP Varies 2000+ Bolt Beast


Item Notes
Blood Gems
Quicksilver Bullets
Sage's Hair
Sage's Wrist


  • Runs extremely fast towards you and screams.
  • Has 3 variants: Duel Scythes, Duel Flaming Scythes and Dead Woman………

Attack Patterns

  • Two handed slow swing - Heavy damage
  • Fast frenzied combo - Can stunlock you, but is easily countered with a gun.
  • Very fast sprint at long range then when in range a jump attack that can be punished

General Strategy

  • Keep calm and you should be able to parry them quite easily. Most of them will go down in one or two visceral attacks. Be wary can be stunlocked to a degree but after a few swings may engage an attack with hyper armour, dodge around when you notice he isn't flinching and continue attacking once he is standing idle again, rinse and repeat. Don't fight when in a group, always attempt to pull him away from the action and engage solo.





Presumably these men are Pthumerians who have gone insane within the Hintertomb, trapped and tormented they attack any intruders they come across. One variant uses a petrified dead woman as his weapon possibly a previous victim of his madness.

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