Labyrinth Watcher


Withered Pthmerian thralls that walk the tombs of the old ones.

Labyrinth Watcher


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Arcane Neutral


Item Notes
Blood Vial
Blood Gems
Quicksilver Bullets


  • Basic enemy type common throughout chalice dungeons but not in any other areas.
  • These guys aint got nothing to brag about
  • Appear in a few variants: Most commonly is the naked variant wields a curved meat cleaver, other variant is aesthetically identical however will throw dung pies at the Hunter inflicting Slow Poison, third variant (pictured above) is more dangerous with a bit more HP more damage and duel wielding.
  • Sometimes will have a poison or fire weapon buff identified by the aura surrounding their weapon.

Attack Patterns

  • Basic slashes from the blade medium speed
  • A flurry of slashes common of early game souls enemies, don't get caught in it
  • Some may throw dung pies to inflict poison
  • Solid movement speed, relatively aggressive and persistent

General Strategy

Just hit em, if they are in a group give a wider swing, Moves with Area of effect are good for dealing with groups as they go down quite fast, Molotovs, Tiny Tonitrus, A Call Beyond and Beast Roar(when surrounded) are all good options.





These sorry souls are Pthmerian thralls who protect the tomb of the old ones from invaders. Presumably are or were at the bottom of Pthmerian society due to their lack of arcane transformation compared with the other Pthmerians

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