Little Girl


  • A lonely little girl who is missing both her parents.


  • Central Yharnam
    • Next to a shortcut gate by the stairs leading up to the Cleric Beast bridge following the Yharnam main street. It can only be accessed via the ladder leading up to the gate from the sewers, guarded by a Brick Troll.


  • Asks you to find her mother's brooch, and informs you that her mother went missing when her father left for the hunt.
  • Gives you the Tiny Music Box. When used, this item will stun Father Gascoigne.


  • None


  • Giving her the Red-Jewelled Brooch seems to grant no rewards but trigger the following event in this quest.
  • Visiting her again you will see no light in window and little girl is missing. Killing the big pig in the sewers will grant you a Red Messenger Ribbon which once belonged to the little girl.
  • She can be sent to Iosefka's Clinic instead. Iosefka will give you one Insight and two Lead Elixirs for her, and she can be killed as an emissary for the Formless Oedon +1 rune.
  • It is possible that by 'Grandpa' she is referring to Henryk, Father Gascoigne's partner.
  • She and her older sister are dauthers of Viola and Father Gascoigne.

Little Girl's quest line

For those of you who don't like to read here is a video:

  1. Talk to the Little Girl in Central Yharnam. She will tell you that her father left for the hunt, and that her mother went searching for father but never came back. Agree to find girls mother. After that she gives you the Tiny Music Box, and asks you to find her mother.
  2. You have to kill Father Gascoigne in order to progress the storyline. After killing him pick up Red Jeweled Brooch that's on the roof in the Tomb of Oedon.
  3. Head to Chapel Dweller, once there talk to Chapel Dweller to get information about safe haven.
  4. Go back and speak to the Little Girl. You will have two options: (A) Hand over Red Jewlled Brooch. (B) Do Not Give. (Note: This choice is skipped if brooch is used/turned into a Red Blood Gem). (A) After handing over the brooch she will start to cry.(Note: If you give her the brooch you won't be able to get it back, and it is gone until New Game +). (B) If you don't give her the brooch, she will think that her parents need her help and ask you for advice. Then you can: (C) Tell of Oedon Chapel or (D) Withhold Information. (Note: Telling her about Oedon Chapel will progress the storyline and you keep the brooch). Withholding Information will just loop conversation back to Hand over/Don't give question. Telling her about Oedon Chapel, she will say that she loves you almost as much as mom and dad, and granddad.
  5. After this exit the area so that it resets (quiting and loading will also do the trick). When you come back light's are out and the Little Girl will be gone.
  6. Head down to sewers and go towards the Giant Pig. After pig is dead Red Messenger Ribbon will be there. (Note: If pig is not there, head for the nearest lantern. Returning to Hunters Dream will re-spawn Giant Pig).
  7. After you kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider, moon will change color to red. Once that happens go to Central Yharnam and visit little girls window.
  8. You will talk with her older sister, then you will get option to give her Red Messenger Ribbon (Warning: Doing this you will lose Red Messenger Ribbon). She will cry. Quit and reload game to progress the story.
  9. When you get back older sister will be gone, but down the ladder to the right you will find a corpse with White Messenger Ribbon.
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