Loch Shield

Loch Shield

In-Game Description

An artisanal shield crafted with blue glass.

Originally used to safeguard the leader presiding over a
sacred Healing Church ceremony, and later supplied to tomb
prospectors, in particular those exploring the labyrinth of

The blue is fashioned after a lake, and the shield greatly
reduces all forms of non-physical damage.


Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Found on a ledge above the entrance to the research hall. Must raise the stairs first.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Attack
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Loch Shield 0/0/0/0/0 0 160 0/0/100/100 11/8/0/0



  • Cannot be upgraded.
  • Cannot be imprinted.
  • Holding up the shield decreases stamina regeneration and each hit taken while blocking will deplete stamina.
  • Blocking players with small weapons such as the Blade of Mercy will cause their attacks to be deflected, potentially allowing for brief openings.
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