Madaras Whistle

Madaras Whistle


In Game Description

Whistle of the Madaras twins, denizens of the Forbidden
The twins grew up alongside a poisonous snake, and
developed a silent, inhuman kinship.

The poisonous snake grew uncontrollably, raised on a
healthy diet of beast entrails. Even after their deaths, it is
said to respond to the call of the twins' whistle from within
the Nightmare.


  • Found in the Forbidden Woods, near the first lamp, held by a Hunter. Only appears after joining the The League and acquiring Vermin. Kill the Hunter to acquire the whistle.
  • Alternatively, if you don't have PS+ and thus can't cooperate with online players to acquire Vermin, you can instead kill Valtr, Master of the League to spawn the hostile Hunter.
  • If you do not have PS+ but you have the Old Hunters DLC, certain enemy hunter NPCs can drop Vermin. You do not need to have the Impurity Rune equipped.


Summons a giant snake head that emerges from the ground and delivers a powerful bite to anything above it. Deals heavy damage.


  • Requires 18 Bloodtinge to use.
  • Consumes 4 Quicksilver Bullet per use.
  • Has an S scaling with Bloodtinge.
  • This is the only Hunter Tool that does not require or scale with Arcane.
  • The snake head spawns DIRECTLY below the player after blowing the whistle and will damage the player if they do not move from the spot.
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