Martyr Logarius


Martyr Logarius


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 9.081 25.600 Neutral
NG+ InsertValue InsertValue

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 133 133 133 133 290 180 160 999 999


Item Notes
Crown of Illusions


His left hand weapon vaguely resembles the Drake Sword from Dark Souls.

Attack Patterns

  • He will charge a ball of red energy and ephemereal skulls over his scythe, and slowly launch it towards the player. It travels slowly, but explodes on impact, dealing heavy damage.
  • If the player gets close, he will swing his scythe around and fire a horizontal spread of skulls, which have slight homing.
  • He can create an instant explosion directly in front of himself if the player is too close.
  • He will perform a wide sweeping attack, which is very easy to stun, but if it hits you it will stun you too long to perform a visceral Attack.
  • About midway through the battle, he slowly charges up an absolutely massive explosion, which takes up most (if not all) of the arena. Afterwards he becomes buffed. (Can be interrupted but, he will still melee more often now.)
  • He starts performing more melee attacks now, including a combo with his sword and a combo with his scythe.
  • He stabs his sword into the ground, and a swarm of ephemereal swords swarm above it, flying towards the player at random. attacking the sword ends the effect.
  • He jumps up into the air and shoots down toward the player, slashing in a rapid sweep. If the player is close beneath him, he instead chops down.

General Strategy

  • His explosive shots are heavily telegraphed and move slow, so keep the towers between you and him as you approach. When you're close, he'll start casting the wide spread. Don't dodge towards him, because they'll most likely hit you. Instead, wait until they fire and then dodge towards the gaps between the skulls. If you stay in front of him for too long he creates the quick explosion, then moves away again. His heavy slash is very telegraphed, but may be easier to dodge. If you shoot him at the exact same time as you are hit, the hitstun will paralyze you as long as he is stunned.
  • Eventually he will perform his buff attack, which is very hard to avoid, and may actually hit the entire rooftop space. If he stabs his sword into the ground, attack it immediately or you will have to hide behind the towers while fighting him. Try to stay close if you can dodge his attacks, as his jump attacks can be very hard to avoid, and he will start to use them if you get too far away. His melee attacks can still be countered, but are much quicker now, so beware.
  • During his second stage, he emits an aura that will deflect bullets and arrows from Simon's Bowblade unless you are within the parry time window. Because of this, you can parry as normal but fighting with only guns or the bowblade (NOT a recommended strategy, but a fun challenge) means you need to try to bait him by walking in and out of reach of his close range attacks so that you're out of range again by the time he attacks and you're free to take a shot, or by keeping a large distance to bait the long range attacks and getting a shot in during his wind-up.




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