Merciless Watcher And Watcher Chieftain




Pthumerian Labyrinth Layer Two:Heart
Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth Layer One:Heart

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
First Placeholder


Tempering Blood Gemstone(3) (Pthumerian Labyrinth)


Attack Patterns

  • The ones with clubs will swing when they get close enough.
  • The one with a gun will be firing constantly throughout the fight, a wide spreading shotgun blast.
  • If the player is too close, the gun-wielder will swipe with his lantern.

General Strategy

Keep backpedaling, maintaining cover from the gun-wielder, until one of them is isolated enough for a Visceral Attack, which will slaughter them very quickly. Take out the two melee ones first, then get in close to the gun wielding boss. The only threat at that point is the lantern sweep, which is very very quick, but deals very little damage. Just lay waste to the boss.


Merciless Watcher trio one by one tactic.

Merciless Watcher And Watcher Chieftain boss fight video

Level 4 Merciless Watcher And Watcher Chieftain Boss Fight by arctic_dan



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