Messenger's Gift

Messenger's Gift

In Game Description

A strange gift from the messengers, inhabitants of the dream
who revere the brave hunters.

Use to envelop oneself in a black nightmarish mist, then
transform into a messenger. The illusion is a parlour trick,
and any large movement will break the spell.

To preserve the guise, proceed very slowly.


  • Found in the Nightmare Frontier. Down in the swamp, the item is guarded by one of the frenzy mages..

How to get Messenger's Gift


Changes the player into a messenger note. Use is limited to PvP as a way of ambushing enemy players, as NPC are not fooled by the disguise.


  • Requires 10 Arcane to equip.
  • Consumes Quicksilver Bullet per use.
  • As the description suggests, any movement other then walking, or action (such as attacking) will cancel the effect.
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