Messenger Urn Festival

Messenger Urn Festival

In-Game Description

Accessory adored by naive messengers.

The messengers wear the urns, filled with incense that wards of beasts, on their heads upside-down, suggesting a predilection to the dark.

The inhabitants of the stomp appear to have an interest in adornment. Why not let them be happy, and revel as babes?


  • After defeating the Blood-starved Beast. Door will open in the Cathedral Ward. Take a elevator up. Now take few steps forward and turn around so that you are facing the elevator. Step on the elevator so that it starts descending. When elevator starts mowing, run forward into a wall until you go through the window. Then head left and follow the path until you drop down. Enter the door to your right and inside on a corpse you will find Messenger Urn Festival.

General Information

Stump Messenger with Messenger Urn Festival

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