Micolash Host of The Nightmare


Micolash Host of The Nightmare
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Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 5.250 Neutral

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 169 134 125 179 232 125 124 144 132


Item Notes
Mensis Cage


Attack Patterns

  • His puppets will attack with long reaching punches whenever they're animated, which will be every few seconds.
  • After you reduce his health to about halfway, he starts fighting back, with unarmed attacks that do almost nothing, and very powerful spells.
  • He runs quite a lot during the second half of the battle (Possibly depending on Insight)

Quick Strategy

Recommended gear:

Phase 1

  • As you enter the area, Micolash runs through a door on the second landing where he waits for you. Follow him in there. He will use the Augur of Ebrietas, and the two puppets will attack you. Knock down the puppets first - if you're fast enough, they won't get back up before you finish phase 1 of this fight, so you won't have to worry about them anymore. The Augur of Ebrietas does a ton of damage, but it's heavily telegraphed and only hits directly in front of the caster, so just circle around Micolash and/or dodge sideways. Swiping at him with your biggest weapon should stun-lock him easily, just step backwards and be prepared to dodge the Augur once or twice when you have to recharge your stamina.

Phase 2

  • When Micolash's health is at 50%, he will seemingly die and disappear, but he just respawns outside the room. Run to the top of the area and out of the door that leads into a new area with a different interior and no fog. Run up the stairs (or down if you want to get the Scurrying Beast for some Blood Stone Chunks, but you can do that later) until you reach the second foggy area. Micolash will run into a room with a broken fence, drop down and run into a dead end similar to the first one, but this time a huge gate will fall down in front of him and lock you out.
  • To get to him, run all the way to the top of the area. There is a big room there right above the drawbridge you crossed to enter the boss area, and a door to the right. Walk through that door and drop down through the hole in the ground - and be ready, this is where Micolash is, and he will attack immediately. He will now use melee attacks and cast A Call Beyond, which can kill you instantly if it hits you the wrong way. Proceed essentially the same way as before, stun-locking him with a big weapon to prevent him from attacking at all. If he does cast A Call Beyond while you're recharging your Stamina, don't try to dodge it, attack immediately. You may be able to interrupt him, and if not, you'll take less damage standing close to him. Stay on him and he should go down quickly.

Strategy with a lot Insight

  • For the first half of the battle he runs into a dead-end room and stands there pointlessly, just waiting to be attacked. The only real threat are the puppets, which attack slowly but with wide reach. You can only hit them once at a time, so it's best to use charged heavy attacks, to quickly knock down their health bars, although even doing that only disables them momentarily, so they might be easiest to just ignore. After you take him to half health, he'll fight back for a bit and then teleport away.
  • After running down the stairs, past a few sets of dwarves, you'll find a new area where he runs toward a pair of mirrors that teleport him back to a central area. If you stand outside a doorway and shoot at him, he'll just stand there and teleport when hit, stumbling for a moment before resuming his breakneck fleeing. It can be quite difficult to catch up to him, and it take a long long time to deal enough damage. A good tactic is to lock on to him from the hole over the central room, shoot him which will cause him to jump out of the mirror again, and then fall down and combo him quickly.




When first encountered
Ah, Kos, or some say Kosm…
Do you hear our prayers?
No, we shall not abandon the dream.
No one can catch us! No one can stop us now!

When brought to 50% health
Ooh! Majestic! A hunter is a hunter, even in a dream.
But, alas, not too fast!
The nightmare swirls and churns unending!

When killed
Now I'm waking up, I'll forget everything…

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