Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail

Explodes in raging flames when thrown against an object.
One of the oldest hunter tools available in the workshop.

Since the tragedy that struck Old Yharnam, fire has become
a staple in beast hunts, and is thought to cleanse impurity.

Certain types of beasts have an abnormal fear of flame.

General Information

No. Held
Usage Type QS Bullet
Attribute Bonus Attribute Requirement
Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
10 99 Finite - D - - A - - - -


Hunter's Dream

Vendor Start Sunset Night Red Moon New
Game #2
Sell Prerequisite
Blood Echoes 180 380 860 1600 2000 - None
Insight - - - - - - None

Chalice Dungeons

Vendor Start Sunset Night Red Moon New
Game #2
Sell Prerequisite
Bath Messenger - 550 1200 2300 2900 - None
Patches the Spider - 680 1500 2800 3600 - Amygdala has been slain.
Patches, the Spider is alive after confronting him in the Lecture Building.



  • Throw; explodes after landing on a surface or hitting a NPC or enemy, inflicting Fire damage in a small area.


  • Trajectory cannot be adjusted once used - aim carefully.
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