Moon Presence


Moon Presence
  • The Moon Presence is an optional final boss. It is available to fight after you acquire and consume 3 Third Umbilical Cord, refuse Gehrman's request, and then defeat him. Note that if you refused Gehrman before using the umbilical cords, you can still use them if you die to Gehrman, walk through the fog door and defeat him to get the Moon Presence fight.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 8.909 230.000 Neutral

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 137 137 137 137 75 75 75 999 999


Item Notes

NPC Summons

  • None


  • Defeating the Moon Presence will award the Childhood Beginning's trophy.
  • You gain 5 Insight for finding the Moon Presence.
  • You gain 5 Insight for defeating the Moon Presence.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Attack Description Counter
Grab The Moon Presence will swipe twice and then do a forward lunge grab. It is very easy to strafe around this attack and get a free attack in.
Swipe The Moon Presence will smash his right hand on the ground, and immediately after use it's tentacles to make a fast swipe. Dodge this attack by stepping backwards
Jump The Moon Presence will jump onto you and attempt to smash you. Sidestep this attack to dodge and immediately attack the boss once it lands.
Blood Moon Orbs The Moon Presence will create one or more pale white orbs. After a few seconds, the orbs will explore, dropping blood. If the blood hits, you will be unable to use Blood Vials for 20 seconds. Avoid the orbs.
Gaze of the Moon The Moon Presence will blast the whole stage in an area of effect. The only way to avoid this is to time a quickstep or dodge roll such that your i-frames protect you. If it connects it will leave you with 1 HP. After the area of effect, the boss will be stunned for a few seconds. If there are no Blood Moon Orbs near the boss, attack it. It is possible to recover most of your health, since the window of recovery is massive.

General Strategy

  • The easiest way to fight the Moon Presence is to stay at mid-range and make it do it's 3-hit combo. On the 3rd attack, dodge into it. You should end up behind it and manage 1-2 attacks before it jumps away. Repeat.
  • Since this fight occurs immediately after Gehrman's fight, it can be beneficial to die and restock your Blood Vial count. You do not have to fight Gehrman again.
  • Try and stay behind the boss and dodge when it attempts it's jumping attacks.




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