Narrow Minded Man


A distrustful citizen of Cathedral Ward.



Cathedral Ward
Pass the gate opened with Hunter Chief Emblem, to the left there are stairs leading to the back alley that is used to get to the Grand Cathedral.
His window is across the alley from Arianna, Woman of Pleasure's door.


  • He won't move from his home until you speak to Arianna about a "safe place".
  • Whichever sanctuary you suggest, he will move to the other. If you intend to send him to Iosefka's Clinic, tell him about Oeden Chapel, and vice-versa.
  • You can find his clothes, minus the pants, as the Common Yharnam Set.
  • The reward for sending him to the clinic is 2 Numbing Mists and 1 Insight, or two Blue Elixirs and two Insight after entering Iosefka's Clinic from the back without attacking her.
  • If sent to the ward, he may occasionally offer gossip about other npcs, albeit lies.
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