New Game Plus

General information

After defeating the final boss, the final cutscene and credits roll after which

Enemies and bosses become harder and additional echoes are rewarded for defeating them. All levels and inventory items (except items stated below) carry over to New Game Plus.

Items removed from your inventory when you start your next journey:

Before beginning a new game

  • Farm or buy any upgrade materials you may want
  • Defeat any remaining optional bosses such as Amygdala or Martyr Logarius
  • Upgrade any weapons you want, and equip blood gems and Caryl Runes.

Changes in NG+

  • Enemies are harder to kill, deal more damage, and drop increased echoes.
  • The chest which contained the Blood Gem Workshop Tool now contains a Kin Coldblood(12).
  • The corpse after The Witch of Hemwick fight now holds a Kin Coldblood(12) instead of the Rune Workshop Tool.
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