Old Hunter Bone

Old Hunter Bone

Old Hunter Bone

The bone of an old hunter whose name is lost.

It is said that he was an apprentice to old Gehrman,
and a practicioner of the art of Quickening,
a technique particular to the first hunters.

It is most appropriate that hunters, carriers of
the torch who are sustained by the dream,
would tease an old art from his remains.

General Information

No. Held
Usage Type QS Bullet
Attribute Bonus Attribute Requirement
Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
1 99 Unlimited Use 4 - - - - - - - 15



  • Slightly faster recovery speed executing a dodge roll or quickstep.
  • Gives dodge rolls and quicksteps a mist effect.


Here is a video of a PVP fight using the Old Hunters Bone and LHB.

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