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"An old veteran hunter who is said to possess amazing skill. No one has seen him in many years, and he looks like he's been on his own for some time."

Djura is a non-player character in Bloodborne, found in Old Yharnam. He can be a friendly NPC, but only when certain milestones are met. Djura will always begin as hostile. When made friendly, Djura will provide you with the Brush Off Dust gesture, as well as the Powder Keg Hunter Badge.


Old Yharnam
He is located in a tower right next to the Old Cathedral and prior to the pathway into the town and the Blood-Starved Beast.


When first entering Old Yharnam from the Cathedral Ward, you will hear Djura speak to you, warning you not to proceed. Once you reach the stairs leading down to the rest of the area, Djura will begin firing a machine gun at you from the top of one of the buildings.

Strategy for Making Djura Friendly

  1. Complete Old Yharnam, including the Blood-Starved Beast Fight.
  2. Return to the Cathedral Ward. Head straight out from the lamp, and move to the right side of the cathedral. Where the crows once were there will now be a tall creature with a sack.
  3. Allow yourself to be killed by this creature (you will not be able to recover your bloodstain right away, so you may wish to use your blood echoes prior to this step)
  4. When you awake you will be in Y'arghul. Head up from your awakening place to find the lamp for the Hypogean Gaol.
  5. You can choose to clear this area if you wish; however, your next goal is to kill Darkbeast Paarl. (note that killing Darkbeast Paarl is not required to become friendly with Djura-simply entering the boss arena, exiting / dying, and approaching Djura from behind-e.g. from the "Chalice of the Good Blood" lamp—will still yield him being friendly)
  6. After killing Darkbeast Paarl, you will have access to Old Yharnam. Head through this back way and find the shortcut stairs to the base of the tower where Djura is.
  7. Climb the stairs to Djura and he should be non-hostile.
  8. Speak to him and select "Spare the Beasts of Old Yharnam" to keep him non-hostile and receive the gesture "Brush Off Dust" and his badge.
  9. You will not receive his armor set unless you kill him (see below).
  10. If you kill an enemy in Old Yarnham after completing the dialogue, Djura will become hostile again.


If made hostile, either by not following the above steps or attacking him or beasts in Old Yharnam after taking the steps above, he can be fought. The prize for beating Djura is access to his armor set from the Bath Messengers. However, he is very nimble and the small battle space can make this a difficult fight.

Strategy for Killing Djura

Djura is an incredibly tough opponent who possesses a very large health pool, be prepared for a long and difficult fight. However, his largest weakness is that he is not immune to gravity. Any strategy can involve attempting to push him or manipulate him into falling off the tower.

When approaching his rooftop perch in Old Yharnam, Djura will attack you with a constant volley from his mounted Gatling Gun, which while easy to dodge, can lead to an untimely death if you allow yourself to be distracted by the enemies in the area.

Once confronted Djura will switch to a Stake Driver and Hunter Blunderbuss while tossing the occasional Firebomb at you. Djura is an incredibly aggressive and quick opponent opponent giving players very little time to heal or counter his attacks and will do a quick dash attack, which has a very brief charge time, an explosion attack from his Stake Drive or repeatedly fire his Blunderbuss at players who attempt to gain distance or heal. Healing will often lead to Djura using his dash attack.

Simply mashing R1 or a poorly timed Gun shot will cause Djura to respond with a Gunshot of his own stunning the player and giving Djura a riposte opportunity which will very likely lead to an instant death even at full health.

Djura himself may also be parried, though difficult, and while untested the very brief charge window before his dash attack may be the best opportunity for a successful Gun shot parry.

Do not underestimate this fight, Djura is comparable to a skilled human invader in terms of difficulty and the small combat area does little to help the situation.

SL4 strategy; probably works above that level too.
Don't pause on the ladder and he should still be at the edge of his platform; as soon as you can, shoot him twice with the pistol. Gravity will do the rest.


  • If Djura falls off the edge and dies his loot may become stuck in mid-air unable to obtain. Quitting out of the game and reloading will spawn it at his starting location on top of the roof.
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