Plain Doll


The Plain Doll is found for the first time at the Hunter's Dream as a plain porcelain doll completely devoid of life. She is later animated and will provide her services to the Hunter. She is a key character in the game's plot, who allows you to level up your stats.

Plain Doll


Hunter's Dream
She can be found at the bottom of the stairs near the headstone.


  • Her primary function is channeling the players' blood echoes to increase their stats.
  • Gives the player Tear Stone when she recieves the Small Hair Ornament.


  • 0 Blood Echoes


  • She is killable, and has rather low HP. If killed, you can still level up but you can no longer speak to her until you reload the Hunter's Dream area, which will respawn her.
  • Plain Doll comes alive, and can be interacted with after you gain 1 Insight.
  • If your Insight drops back down to zero she will turn back into an inanimate doll. You can still level up but not talk to her.
  • Plain Doll will sometimes fall asleep or go to pray at a tombstone near the side of the workshop. There is a very rare chance of hearing her praying dialog, as she usually stops praying and turns to face you when you get near her.
  • She will gesture back if you do a gesture in front of her.

Voiced by: Evetta Muradasilova

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