Quicksilver Bullets

Quicksilver Bullets


In-Game Description

Special bullets used with hunter firearms.

Ordinary bullets have no effect on beasts, and so Quicksilver
Bullets, fused with the wielder's own blood, must be

The strength of Quicksilver Bullets depends greatly upon the
wielder's bloodtinge.



Used with various guns and arcane tools.

General Information

  • There is a separate counter for Emergency QS Bullets which appears below the regular counter as a red number preceded by '+'.
      • The counter will remain hidden if you have no more remaining emergency bullets.
      • Press up on the D-Pad to fill your emergency bullet count to 5, at the cost of a small percentage of HP (exact percentage needs confirmation).
      • Bullet-consuming items will consume all remaining emergency bullets before starting to consume the regular ones. This can be used to reduce the number of bullets consumed for items which take multiple bullets per use as emergency bullets can be replenished indefinitely as long as you have enough HP to spare.
      • If your HP is low enough such that the damage which would be taken in order to replenish your emergency bullets would kill you, then you will be unable to replenish them.
  • Can hold up to 20 in inventory, and up to 600 in storage.
  • Any picked up that would cause your inventory to exceed 20, are sent to storage.
  • Whenever you die or warp to a new area your inventory is refilled up to 20 from any available in storage.

Farming Guide

  • If you have killed The Witch of Hemwick, make sure you have less then X insight. (This needs to be corrected, since witch minions can spawn before the boss is killed.)
  • Warp to the Hemwick Charnel Lane lamp.
  • Turn around, and head back into the forest.
  • Kill all the rifle wielding enemies.
  • Use a Bold Hunter's Mark to return to the lamp and respawn the enemies.
  • Each run yields 30-40 Bullets.
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