Rally is a mechanic in Bloodborne which allows the player to regain lost HP after taking damage.

After taking damage the player can continuously hit an opponent for a short period of time to regain HP with the amount of life gained being based on the damage dealt.
The opponent hit doesn't have to be the same as the one who dealt the damage for Rallying to work.
Enemies will still trigger the effect for a few seconds after dying thus allowing the player to safely regain some health by attacking before it ragdolls.
Not all types of HP loss can be regained (such as damage taken from being Frenzied).

Official Description

When an enemy's attack hits, a portion of the HP gauge briefly turns orange, indicating the amount of damage inflicted. Attack the enemy before the orange bar disappears to restore a given amount of HP.


  • Damage types that cannot be Rallied include health loss from Frenzy, attacks from dog enemies, rapid or slow poison, and any kind of quickly repeating damage, such as from being targeted by the Flamesprayer or Rosmarinus


  • Orange blood particles can be seen rising from the player's body when Rallying is possible.
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