In-Game Description

Weapon wielded by the Knights of Cainhurst.

Combines an elegant knight's sword with the
peculiar firearm wielded by the Cainhurst order.

The old nobles, long-time imbibers of blood, are no strangers
to the sanguine plague, and the disposal of beasts was a
discrete task left to their servants, or knights, as they were
called for the sake of appearances.



  • Forsaken Cainhurst Castle treasure. Just after entering the castle's interior, in the main hall with all the Forsaken Castle Spirits, head straight until your reach the bottom of the staircase. Look to your right, there will be a chest in the far right corner containing the weapon.



General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Attack Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Reiterpallasch 75/75/0/0/0 11 150 0/0/100/100 8/12/10/0


Move Set


  • While this weapon's gun form is fairly unimpressive for a firearm, it only costs a single bullet, meaning it may be useful to those using otherwise unconventional or high-costing firearms.
    It also allows usage of the left hand in both forms, meaning that it can allow a gun to still be available with a Torch, Hunter Torch, or Wooden Shield


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Cost Blood
Reiterpallasch +0 75/75/0/0/0 E/C/E/D 0 - -
Reiterpallasch +1 82/82/0/0/0 E/C/E/D 1 3x Blood Stone Shard ?
Reiterpallasch +2 89/89/0/0/0 E/B/E/D 1 5x Blood Stone Shard ?
Reiterpallasch +3 96/96/0/0/0 E/B/E/D 2 8x Blood Stone Shard ?
Reiterpallasch +4 103/103/0/0/0 E/B/E/D 2 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Reiterpallasch +5 110/110/0/0/0 E/B/D/C 2 5x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Reiterpallasch +6 117/117/0/0/0 E/B/D/C 3 8x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Reiterpallasch +7 124/124/0/0/0 E/A/D/C 3 3x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Reiterpallasch +8 131/131/0/0/0 E/A/D/C 3 5x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Reiterpallasch +9 138/138/0/0/0 E/A/D/C 3 8x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Reiterpallasch +10 150/150/0/0/0 E/A/D/B 3 1x Blood Rock ?

Blood Gem Imprints


  • Radial/Triangle/Radial


  • Radial/Waning/Radial


  • Radial/Triangle/Waning


Used by the Knights of the long established "Cainhurst Order" this fencing rapier is a weapon of class and sophistication unlike many of the Hunter workshop weapons. The sword is engraved in what appears to be silver and utilising a stance that requires discipline and finesse, giving obvious insight into the combat style of the Cainhurst knights. The weapon reflects upon their classy and noble lineage, partially built for appearances but also adapted for true combat with the addition of a pistol forming the hilt being a common tool in hunting beasts. The Rifle Spear description implies that it could have been baised off of a "lost Cainhurst weapon" most likely being the Reiterpallasch, this being the case would mean the Cainhurst Knights were around and using this weapon before the Powder Keg workshop Hunters were, meaning the order of Cainhurst is older than one might think, possibly dating back before the hunters workshops were established…

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