Rifle Spear


Rifle Spear

A trick weapon crafted by the workshop heretics, the
Powder Kegs.

A prototype weapon serving as a simple firearm and
spear, possibly created in imitation of a lost Cainhurst

Lacks any notable functions, saving that it is the only
trick weapon with an attached gun.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Effects
S. Poison/R. Poison/Vs. Kin/Vs. Beasts
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Rifle Spear 85/85/0/0/0

1 180 0/0/100/100 10/11/9/0


Trick Transform

Spear transforms by folding spearhead aside to reveal and use attached gun.


Found on the staircase of a building in Old Yharnam. From the area where Djura begins shooting, drop down the ledge carefully to find this secret building.

Sold by Bath Messengers in Hunter's Dream for 4,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Powder Keg Hunter Badge.

Move Set


  • Cannot use any Left Hand Weapons while using the weapon in Trick form.
    • Pressing L2 will execute unique attacks (see Move Set for details).
  • When used as a firearm, shots have a shotgun-like spread, similar to Ludwig's Rifle.
  • Cannot gain Arcane, Fire, or Bolt attack properties from attack percentage bonus (ATK+ %) Blood Gems.
    • Can gain additional Arcane, Fire, and Bolt attack properties from flat attack bonus (ATK +). These values will not scale with any attributes.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Blood Gem
Materials Blood
Rifle Spear +0 85/85/0/0/0 E/D/D/D 0 -
Rifle Spear +1 93/93/0/0/0 E/D/D/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 3 320
Rifle Spear +2 101/101/0/0/0 E/D/D/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 5 380
Rifle Spear +3 109/109/0/0/0 E/D/D/D 2 Blood Stone Shard 8 460
Rifle Spear +4 117/117/0/0/0 E/C/D/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 3 520
Rifle Spear +5 125/125/0/0/0 E/C/D/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 5 600
Rifle Spear +6 133/133/0/0/0 E/C/D/D 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards 8 680
Rifle Spear +7 141/141/0/0/0 E/C/D/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 3 740
Rifle Spear +8 149/149/0/0/0 E/C/C/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 5 820
Rifle Spear +9 157/157/0/0/0 E/B/C/D 3 Blood Stone Chunk 8 880
Rifle Spear +10 170/170/0/0/0 D/B/B/C 3 Blood Rock 1 960

Blood Gem Imprints


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