Rom, The Vacuous Spider


Rom, The Vacuous Spider
  • Large Larva creature living in the Moonside Lake under Byrgenwerth. Said to be kin of the Great ones, it features many eyes and a hard carapace but is is unarmored on its flanks. It is a very docile creature and does not take note of The Hunter at first until attacked.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 5.058 24.860 Neutral
NG+ InsertValue InsertValue
Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth 7.263 10.975

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 130 130 130 130 80 45 72 999 999
Low. Pth. Lab. InsertDef InsertBlunt InsertThrust InsertBlood InsertArc InsertBolt InsertFire InsertSlow InsertRapid


Item Notes
Kin Coldblood (12) Byrgenwerth
Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth Layer Three:Heart


  • Much like the Four Kings from Dark Souls, Rom can still take damage during his "Death" animation. Doing enough damage to stagger him can interrupt his teleport altogether.
  • Appears to be weak to bolt damage, so bring Bolt Paper.
  • Lordraine Crow can be summoned, as long as hostile hunter in upper floor is alive. (Requires testing)

Attack Patterns

  • Teleports away, spawning more spiders. Does this twice, at around 2/3 and 1/3 health.
  • Rears back, then conjures a salvo of arcane bolts above the player.
  • Rolls onto his side, then creates an explosion.
  • Conjures magic bolts from the floor, which fly upwards.

Rom's Spiders

  • Featured with 4 hit forward slashing attacks.
  • A high damage jump attack which leaves them vulnerable.
  • Also spit acid webbing causing momentary staggering and some damage

General Strategy

  • Rom summons a group of spiders.
    • Rom won't attack, so carefully kill all the spiders; their bodies take heavy damage.
    • Once the spiders are dead, heal up and attack Rom himself until he teleports away.
  • Rom will summon more spiders, and begin attacking.
    • If he rears up, he is about to summon arcane bolts over your head. Simply sprint as soon as you see him stand up. Continue sprinting until the assault ends and you will dodge all of his arcane bolts. (Be sure not to sprint into the mob of smaller spiders)
    • Alternatively, when fought in a Chalice Dungeon, hiding behind a pillar will protect from these.
    • Try to stay about 3 Rom lengths away from him while clearing out the spiders. When he rolls over, he will cause bolts to rise from the ground in the 3 Rom length radius, these can easily be dodged by moving out of the radius (then move back in when he's finished). He will not summon any over your head (his most dangerous attack) when you're this close.
    • When he lifts his head and glows, he is about to do a small explosion.
    • When all the spiders are dead, move in to attack Rom. Be careful he doesn't roll on you, and watch for explosions and rising bolts.
    • Around 1/3 health Rom will teleport away and summon more spiders.
  • Rom is more frequent with his attacks now, but the same strategy applies as in the previous section.
  • It's recommended to use Bolt Paper now to one-hit the Spiderlings because of the more frequent attacks from Rom.


  • Flat open lake with the horizon shrouded in clouds, with no environmental impediments just Rom and his Spiders. (Large Arena style area reminiscent of The Four Kings fight in Dark Souls)



  • Instances of Rom's spiders spawning 2 groups, one hostile and the other non-hostile. Sometimes occurs after defeating the first wave, when Rom's health drops below 1/3 before he can despawn for the first time. The second phase of the fight is skipped, Rom will not despawn again.
  • When the mage in front of Rom's fog gate is summoned, Rom can be easily staggered before he can despawn by chaining attacks with the spells from the mage. It's not a recommended strategy because of the mentioned second wave of spiders, showing up together with the third, making it alot harder to reach Rom.


After killing Rom, the following world changes take place:

  • Gilbert turns into a beast near the Central Yarnham lamppost. He can be killed for a Clawmark rune
  • The main route to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village opens.
  • Lesser Amygdala become visible regardless of Insight.
  • If Arianna, Woman of Pleasure is in the Cathedral Ward, she will be doubled over and unable to give blood (may be because of Adella the Nun)
  • Adella the Nun will merely laugh at length if you talk to her in the Cathedral Ward (see above)
  • Narrow Minded Man, if in the Cathedral Ward changes his dialogue to explain how he knows your lies because he's never read a book.
  • The remaining NPCs in the ward no longer will respond (Note: on my first play-through, their speech changed. The woman wails about her baby, and the man yells for help)
  • If still alive, Eileen, the Crow will be gravely injured by an unnamed hunter in the Grand Cathedral.
  • If you've completed the Little Girl's quest line up to this point, her older sister will appear in the window.
  • Most of the Home Dwellers will now be gone.
  • Kidnappers will also be gone.
  • Iosefka will no longer be hostile if entering clinic from back entrance and will drop one third of an umbilical cord if killed.
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