Saw Spear


Saw Spear

One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly
used by those who dedicate themselves to the hunt.

This saw, effective at drawing the blood of beasts,
transforms into a medium-range spear.

The saw, with its set of blood-letting teeth, has become
a symbol of the hunt, and only grows in effectiveness
the more grotesquely transformed the beast.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Effects
S. Poison/R. Poison/Vs. Kin/Vs. Beasts
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Saw Spear 85/0/0/0/0

0 200 0/0/100/100 7/8/0/0


Trick Transform

Hand saw transforms into medium-range spear.


Found on a corpse in Central Yharnam in the sewers near Eileen the Crow.
Cut down the hanging corpse from the ceiling, take the stairs one floor down and drop down from there to obtain it.

Video on Obtaining the Saw Spear

Purchase from the Bath Messengers in Hunter's Dream for 1,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Saw Hunter Badge.

Move Set


  • Chaining the charged R2-Attack with a second R2-Attack will throw back most of the humanly enemies.
  • Primary Physical attack properties can be converted into Arcane, Fire, or Bolt via Blood Gems that provide the respective attack bonus.
    • Conversion occurs for both flat additional (ATK+) and percentage additional (ATK+ %) attack.
    • Attack will scale based on Arcane scaling; Strength and Skill scaling will be ignored.
    • Physical attack will be removed.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
St / Sk / Bl / Ar
Blood Gem
Materials Blood
Saw Spear +0 85/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 0 -
Saw Spear +1 93/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 3 240
Saw Spear +2 101/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 5 280
Saw Spear +3 109/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Blood Stone Shard 8 340
Saw Spear +4 117/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 3 400
Saw Spear +5 125/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 5 460
Saw Spear +6 133/0/0/0/0 D/C/–/D 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards 8 500
Saw Spear +7 141/0/0/0/0 D/C/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 3 560
Saw Spear +8 149/0/0/0/0 D/C/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 5 620
Saw Spear +9 157/0/0/0/0 D/C/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 8 660
Saw Spear +10 170/0/0/0/0 D/C/–/C 3 Blood Rock 1 720

Blood Gem Imprints


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