Shadow of Yharnam


Shadow of Yharnam
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Nightmare of Mensis (As wandering mobs)
Rare chance of also spawning in pthumeru root chalice dungeons as a miniboss.

Playthrough HP (Katana) HP (Candle) HP (Caster) Bloodechoes Kind
First 3.645 2.302 2.046 20.460 Neutral
NG+ 97,948

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG (Katana) 89 89 89 89 60 68 90 200 180
NG (Candle) 89 89 89 89 60 68 100 200 180
NG (Caster) 89 89 89 89 160 160 90 200 180


Item Notes
Blood Rapture Forbidden Woods only
Quicksilver Bullets Nightmare of Mensis only

NPC Summons


  • After you defeat the boss, a Lamp will appear which will allow you to warp to the Hunter's Dream.
  • It is possible to bring each shadow down to about a third of their health without triggering the snakes.

Attack Patterns

  • The shadows have pretty basic attack patterns that you will have encountered through normal play, and they should be responded to as such. Basic sword swings and thrusts.
  • One of the shadows uses a homing fireball projectile that will curve around obstructions to hit you. Its best to dodge through these rather than to either side or backwards.
  • The second uses melee attacks along with a flamethrower style attack that has considerable range. Dodge to either side to avoid this.
  • The third uses basic melee attacks, but they come pretty quickly. As the fight progresses, these melee attack from both shadows gain the ability to stretch out like a snake and it gives them considerable extra range, so be wary of this.

General Strategy

  • This is a pretty straight forward fight. None of the shadows are particularly difficult, and the main obstacle will be just from the fact that there is 3 of them. Which one you tackle first is really up to you, but taking down the one launching the fireballs at you first will help you clear that problem early on, which may help to leave you more able to focus damage on the other 2 since you have less to worry about dodging. This also has implications during the final stage of the fight, as well, though.
  • Whenever you reduce one of the shadows to less than 33% health, they will sprout snakes coming out of their head/torso. These snakes themselves don't do anything, but when this happens both of the melee shadows will gain the ability to have their melee attacks gain a whip-like effect, where certain slashes and thrusts will have significantly increased range. The only particularly new thing to be aware of here is that they gain an upward slash that will launch you into the air and knock you down if it connects. This attack is very quick and can catch you unaware easily.
  • If the 3 shadows have their health reduced to low enough (if you are not trying to individually eliminate them), or if you kill 2 of the 3 shadows, the stage enters is final stage, where the remaining shadow(s) gain the ability to summon large snakes from the ground that will attempt to do lunging bite attack at you. They sprout at random locations in the arena, and they attack extremely fast. The more you keep distance between yourself and the remaining shadow(s), the more frequently this attack is used, so it is best to keep the pressure on them and fight aggressively at this point. If you killed the fireball shadow first, this part is slightly more difficult because the melee shadows put up much more of a fight, obviously, but the fireball shadow tends to use the snake attack more frequently.


Shadows of Yharnam (Kill on first attempt, easy method)



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