• Experimentation with Great Ones requires fresh human specimens. These lanky, pale horrors stalk unseen near the Cathedral, gathering for their research rituals.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Arcane / Fire / Poison Neutral


Item Notes
Blood Stone Shard Common
Twin Blood Stone Shards
Bolt Paper Rare
Ritual Blood (1-5) Chalice Dungeons


  • After taking about 1/4 damage, stops to power up and then becomes much faster and more aggressive. Can be hit while powering up.
  • If the player is killed by one before it has powered up, they will be taken to the Hypogean Gaol.
  • After killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider all Kidnappers disappear.

Attack Patterns

  • "Pushes" out with right hand.
  • Single kick.
  • Overhead bag swing.
  • Horizontal bag swing, can hit multiple times.
  • Uppercut, holds hand low for a half-second, then strikes.
  • Grab (has a similar animation to a regular uppercut).

General Strategy

Most attacks are slow, but powerful. Be careful, it's extremely easy to attack too often, and get chained to death. With a vitality of 20, he will probably two-shot you. Attack once, then back off. When he starts to power up, move behind him, and charge an R2 attack, unless you are too far away to get close, this will ensure a visceral attack. The best way to fire a pistol for a visceral attack is to back off as he's attacking, and shoot just as he starts the fast part of the attack. Poison Throwing Knife vs are very effective if all else fails.




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