Stake Driver


Stake Driver

A trick weapon fashioned by the workshop heretics,
the Powder Kegs. Favored by the retired hunter Djura.

The stake driver, with its queerly complex design,
violently drives this stakes into the flesh of foes.

The stake driver allows for high-damage critical attacks,
but it is difficult to use and leaves its wielder wide open,
but none of this should bother a mere Powder Keg.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Effects
S. Poison/R. Poison/Vs. Kin/Vs. Beasts
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Stake Driver 85/0/0/0/0

0 200 0/0/100/100 18/9/0/0


Trick Transform

Weapon transformation primes a stake which can be fired.


Sold by Bath Messengers for 8,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Powder Keg Hunter Badge.

Move Set


  • Primary Physical attack properties can be converted into Arcane, Fire, or Bolt via Blood Gems that provide the respective attack bonus.
    • Conversion occurs for both flat additional (ATK+) and percentage additional (ATK+ %) attack.
    • Attack will scale based on Arcane scaling; Strength and Skill scaling will be ignored.
    • Physical attack will be removed.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Blood
Stake Driver +0 85/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 0 -
Stake Driver +1 93/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 3 320
Stake Driver +2 101/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 5 380
Stake Driver +3 109/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Blood Stone Shard 8 460
Stake Driver +4 117/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 3 520
Stake Driver +5 125/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 5 600
Stake Driver +6 133/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/D 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards 8 680
Stake Driver +7 141/0/0/0/0 D/D/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 3 740
Stake Driver +8 149/0/0/0/0 C/D/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 5 820
Stake Driver +9 157/0/0/0/0 C/D/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 8 880
Stake Driver +10 170/0/0/0/0 C/C/–/C 3 Blood Rock 1 960

Blood Gem Imprints


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