In-Game Description

Stamina is necessary to perform various actions. Depletes as actions are taken, but refills automatically.


  • Stat that increases maximum Stamina, represented by the green bar at the top of the screen. Stamina is necessary for the execution of most combat or strenuous actions in Bloodborne, such as swinging a weapon, firing a gun, spell casting, dodging, absorbing a blocked attack, sprinting, and many other actions. If you attempt to execute one of these actions when you have no Stamina, your character will generally not react to the attempted execution.
  • Stamina naturally regenerates over time when not attempting to execute an action that drains stamina, such as walking normally, using an item, interacting with the environment, or merely standing still. Holding up the Wooden Shield or Loch Shield doesn't drain the Stamina bar, but lowers Stamina regeneration.
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