Stump Messenger

Stump Messenger


The inhabitants of the stump appear to have an interest in adornment.


Hunter's Dream
Behind the workshop.


  • Used to equip Messenger Hats.
Adornment Availability
Messenger Top Hat Found in Healing Church Workshop. After defeating the Blood-starved Beast.
Black Messenger Hat Found on a roof right of Cathedral Ward. Roof is accessed from the Grand Cathedral side of the gate, by a ladder.
Yharnam Messenger Hat Hunter's Dream by the Stump Messenger. Pre-order DLC.
Messenger Head Bandage Exclusive GameStop Pre-order bonus.
Bloody Messenger Head Bandage Found on rafters in Old Yharnam, accessible by climbing up the first ladder to Old Hunter Djura and dropping to the right.
Messenger Urn Festival Found on upper floor of Cathedral Ward. After defeating the Blood-starved Beast.
Red Messenger Ribbon Droped by Giant Pig in Central Yharnam. The ribbon only has a chance to drop after partially completing Little Girl's quest line.
White Messenger Ribbon Found next to ladder on a corpse, right from Little Girl's window. The ribbon only has a chance to appear after completing Little Girl's quest line.


  • You lose all your Messenger Hats when starting a New Game+, but the equipped hat stays equipped.

Appearance of Messengers.

Stump Messenger with Messenger Top Hat


Stump Messenger with Black Messenger Hat


Stump Messenger with Yharnam Messenger Hat

Please upload image of Stump Messenger wearing Yharnam Messenger Hat

Stump Messenger with Messenger Head Bandage


Stump Messenger with Bloody Messenger Head Bandage


Stump Messenger with Messenger Urn Festival


Stump Messenger with Red Messenger Ribbon


Stump Messenger with White Messenger Ribbon

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