Suspicious Beggar


A man feeding on corpses and covered in blood, he's surely scared and in need of a safe place.

Suspicious Beggar


Forbidden Woods

At the first shortcut windmill, drop through the window outside, climb a ladder, cross the cogs, there'll be a passage past the item. Once you get out, the NPC is on the right.


  • If you send him to Cathedral Ward, he'll start killing NPCs one by one and give you 2-3 Beast Blood Pellets each time. Another NPC is killed whenever you defeat a boss. He'll disappear after there are no other NPCs left, so remember to kill him for his rune at that point.
  • Drops the second Beast rune when killed, but will transform into an Abhorrent Beast if attacked three times. Easiest way to kill him is by standing in a doorway he can't fit through and using a Poison Knife
  • If sent to Iosefka's Clinic instead, he'll no longer be able to turn into a beast and you can kill him easily.


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