Rabid Dog


Rabid Dog
  • Surviving the plague with loyalty intact, these hunting dogs rival their masters' bloodlust, but far surpass them in vicious speed.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 486 820
Weaknesses Kind
Fire Beast


Item Notes
Blood Vial
Blood Stone Shard


Often announces their presence with hoarse barks, listen carefully if you can't see them. Said barks while the dog is in a group will instantly draw the attention of other enemies if it is directed at you.

Attack Patterns

  • Running bite.
  • Bite.

General Strategy

  • A shotgun against a group or a fast firing gun will knock them over, if done correctly you can knock them down. Whilst locked on you can dash into them and finish them off with an attack as they get of the ground. Advisable to use a gun when they are really close as they are able to avoid melee weapons when lunging towards you.



Commonly found with hostile hunting groups or tight alleys.


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