The League

The League is a covenant that was added in patch 1.07. The only encountered member is Valtr, leader of the covenant.

The goal of the League is to crush small creatures known as Vermin, and crushing these is the only way to rank up in the covenant.


Forbidden Woods, inside the small building used as a shortcut from the first lamp.

Rank Requirements Rewards
Rank 1 None Impurity Rune
Rank 2 1 Vermin League Staff, League Oath gesture
Rank 3 5 Vermin Master's Iron Helm

After reaching Rank 3, Valtr disappears from the Forbidden Woods, although he can still be summoned for co-op.

Online Effects

  • Rewarded with Vermin for every successful hunt (slaying a boss) while cooperating with another hunter.


Hunter attempting to beckon other hunters into their world for cooperation.
May also be referred to as a Host.
Hunter beckoned into the world of another hunter for cooperation.
May also be referred to as a Guest or Ally.
Hunter that has memorized Impurity and is beckoned for cooperation.
In terms of mechanics, a League confederate is much the same as a regular Co-operator.
When a boss is slain with at least one Confederate who survives the encounter, Vermin will be rewarded to hunters that have memorized Impurity.
Hunter beckoned into the world of another hunter with the goal of slaying the Beckoner.
Can be targeted and attacked by Co-operators and vice-versa. May also be referred to as an Invader or Hostile Guest.

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