The Witch of Hemwick


The Witch of Hemwick
  • The Witches are a band of hags that are set on collecting eyeballs, it does not matter if the victim is living or not for them.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 2.611 11.800 Neutral

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 79 79 79 79 70 90 73 200 180


Item Notes
Bloodshot Eyeball (4)

NPC Summons


  • After you defeat the boss, a Lamp will appear which will allow you to warp to the Hunter's Dream.
  • The stalkers that spawn will be significantly less numerous in the first half of the fight, their numbers and spawn rate will drastically increase once the 2nd phase is initiated.

Attack Patterns

  • The Witch's primary offensive ability is to summon Mad Ones, which will follow the player around the room.
  • Infrequently uses her scooper for a melee swipe.
  • If the player sticks too close to one of the withes for too long, she will occasionally surround herself with a purple aura and then follow up with a medium sized arcane blast around herself that is very damaging (This attack has friendly fire and can hit the stalkers or the other witch on the off-chance that they spawn together).
  • After the 2nd witch spawns, they will start shooting bolts of energy to paralyze the player and then try to follow up with a grab if the bolts hit and the player is close enough.
  • The Stalkers mainly attack with scythes, and will alternate between slowly walking after the player or charging to close the distance.

General Strategy

  • The Witch is only visible from very close range, though you can spot her from across the room if all Stalkers have been killed, as she will start summoning more and her catalyst will start glowing red. Since the Stalkers are usually quite slow, it can be effective to simply run past them and find the Witch, just don't disregard the stalkers completely, at least be aware of where they are so you don't get surrounded. Attacking her will cause her to cast a teleportation spell and hide again.
  • When the first Witch's health drops to 1/2, another Witch will spawn. Damage dealt to this one will not be reflected in the health bar of the first witch; however, it will carry over to the next phase of the fight. After the first Witch is killed, the second will start casting paralyzing spells. If the second Witch lives too long, she will resurrect the first, so killing her quickly is key. She will also start summoning more Stalkers, which will waste far too much time to kill, meaning that ignoring them is especially important.



A square room with plenty of space and some broken bridge terrain in the center to utilize.


  • Sometimes in co op when one witch is killed, the body will stay standing but still technically be dead.
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