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Great news, everyone!

Bloodborne IRC user G1ANTrobot has put together a spreadsheet for Chalice loot.

Find a home for it or the information therein! Should be added immediately, using screenshots if necessary, with MeppuMeppu having sent me permission.

A long-standing member of our community MeppuMeppu has generously allowed the use of the information and resources on his excellently-made to bring this wiki up to speed. I've had a look through the information and it's of a much higher quality than any other sources you regular contributors may have been looking at for inspiration (not that I'd ever advocate that) so please use it and use it well.

Urgently needed:

Note: For the sake of posterity, please use the 'short description of changes' field when editing to make life easier for those who come after you.

  1. Creating pages for all applicable things, for example bosses, NPCs, items, locations, runes. Go through the missing links in the navigation pane on the left (the red links) and help us create the appropriate pages with the necessary info. Red links require a page to be created. If possible, add at least a little content.
  2. Using the formatting from other similar pages and the previous Souls game Wikis as inspiration, establish formatting for each type of page. Consistency is key!
  3. Fill out all tables with complete information, such as stats and item locations. NPCs and bosses take priority over everything else, they're the most commonly searched things, so try to focus on those pages if possible. This includes images to be used as icons, careful for copyright.
  4. Strategy sections. Boss weaknesses and lore discussions, character builds.
  5. NPC Dialogue.

Feel free to leave comments on pages, or messages in this area to discuss collaboration on particularly needy sections of the Wiki, or how we should go about formatting things.

As unprofessional as it is, for the time being I'll be keeping this page up to date with specific requests, so check in regularly if you're interested in helping, or contact me.


Bath Messengers (Blood Echoes) Tables Feedback

I've added data into this page and need some feedback for formatting. Specifically, I think the description columns can be removed from many of this section's tables. Many of them contain item descriptions which are in the items' page already. Furthermore, that info isn't really needed for a shopping list description; most usually price-check or check the unlock requirements.

If there is a consensus soon, I'll go on to make sure the Bath Messengers (Insight) page follows suit with formatting.

This is the help page I constructed for that page. I figured the info here could help provide shorthand descriptors for other things (quests, etc.) that change with the night.



Weapon Page Format

I've created a rough draft for the weapon pages that are very similar to the ones I did for the Dark Souls II wiki.

Weapon Template

I would also like to note that I have not beaten the game yet so I can only speculate on how certain upgrades work, mostly notably the Blood Gem Effects.

If you have a suggestion for how they should look by all means post it under this heading so that we can vote on the best one to use.

and for the upgrade tables,

Please leave some feedback and if everything is in working order we'll get started applying these to the pages.

The CartographerThe Cartographer


  • I'm not sure we need to (or should) list the Blunt or Thrust damage numbers, since they don't seem to have their own base damages; they're just specific bonuses determined by attributes and Blood Gems. I added an additional table format based on that idea to each table type. However, I have yet to beat the game, and I have not encountered every weapon or item, so I admit my knowledge is limited. MinifloodMiniflood
  • Your right about removing the Blunt and Thrust ATK from the table, there is little point in tracking those. The third general info table is probably the best one in my opinion, I really like the addition of the two letters that show which ATK the numbers below are referring to. As for the upgrade tables, the addition of the 'Blood Gem Slots' column is definitely necessary, I don't know how I over looked putting that in, but the separate columns for each Blood Stone variant is too much clutter when it can all be under one column like the Dark Souls 2 wiki's upgrade table. See the new example above. The CartographerThe Cartographer

Official Terms

Hey everyone, as it's written in the digital manual of Bloodborne, please use the Correct new term when creating Enemy or other Pages :)


As for now, the following Terms are out-of-date:

Old Soul-series Term New official Term Note
Parry/Parriable/can be parried Stagger/Staggerable/can be staggered
Critical Attack/Backstab Visceral Attack
Ghosts Apparitions Other Player's live actions
Red Ghosts Specters Other Player's Death animation
Messages Notes Message left for/from other Players on the ground
Poison Slow Poison
Toxin Rapid Poison
Bleed Frenzy Instant bonus damage when debuff triggers

New Concepts:

New Terms Note
Quickstep Dodge while Lock-on
Rally Blood Suck mech

more to be added


For the Red Jewelled Brooch and Tomb Mould, the Jeweled and mold pages should be set to redirect (if that's possible). Those are the NA spellings.

Can we get the Projectiles link under the Items tab changed to Consumables? Consumables doesn't seem to be linked anywhere, and is more general and complete then projectiles. Also, AFIK, QS Bullets are the only ammo, and they are listed under the consumables anyway, so the Ammo link doesn't need to be their.


In response to VampokVampok the sidebar is copied from the old wikis and will be updated soon to reflect what actually makes sense with regard to Bloodborne. Forgot I don't currently have admin status on this wiki and attempted to do it myself. StoogeStooge is working on some changes at the moment which will hopefully take care of the issue. On that note, there are several duplicated headings in the sidebar too which will need to be fixed at that time. - IlkarIlkar

I'm a wikidot noob. Is there a way we could organize bloodgems by slot (Radial/Traingle/Waning/Circle/Droplet) and then by subtype (Tempering/Murky/Warm/Etc./Etc.)? I'm willing to fill in the information on each gem I have, I have A TON of gemstones, I just need a vet to help me get started. - Bl4nk_D1ceBl4nk_D1ce

The Story page needs some attention, it is way too placeholderly right now.

--Enemies, names and confirmation required--

Hey. can't find official names for enemies listed below:

Carrion Crow with Rabid Dog Head
Rabid Dog with Carion Crow Head
Crystal Lizards Bloodborne Edition
Large Crystal Lizards Bloodborne Edition
Crystal Lizards Chalice Edition
Rom's Spiders
Patcher's Spiders

And need little help if name match picture:

Loran Cleric?
Watcher's Gravedigger?

Thank You.

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