Tomb Of Oedon

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Boss Mini-Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Father Gascoigne Henryk Eileen the Crow Henryk's Set
Red Jeweled Brooch


The Tomb of Oedon is a location in Central Yharnam. It is the location of the main boss fight with Father Gascoigne, and if you are following Eileen the Crow's storyline, a mini-boss fight with the blood-addled hunter, Henryk. In addition to the boss fights, you can find the Red Jeweled Brooch on a dead body on the roof of the tomb. This can returned to the Little Girl to end her storyline, or can be kept and transformed into a Red Blood Gem for weapon upgrades.


  • Eileen the Crow
  • She will appear here if you followed her quest line by speaking to her in Central Yarnham and outside the Cathedral in the Cathedral Ward. She will either be fighting Henryk or will join in the fight against Henryk if you go to the location immediately after she mentions that she will kill him.



  • The terrain of the Tomb can be used to your advantage when fighting both Father Gascoigne and Henryk.
  • The Tomb can be an effective starting point for a blood vial farming run, as the nearby enemies have a high rate of dropping blood vials.
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