Tomb Prospector Gloves

Tomb Prospector Gloves

In-Game Description

Attire of tomb prospectors who explore the old labyrinth on
behalf of the Healing Church.

The Healing Church traces its roots to Byrgenwerth, and is
therefore aware of the ruins' true importance.

They contain much more than mere hunter trinkets, indeed,
they hide the very secrets of the old great Ones, sought after
by those with the insight to imagine greatness.


General Information

Image Name Physical Defense
Blood Arcane Fire Bolt Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
Bloodborne_Icon_Armor_Tomb_Prospector_Gloves.png Tomb Prospector Gloves 40
50 60 60 60 29 27 6 24
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