Tonsil Stone

Tonsil Stone

In-Game Description

A latticed, deformed rock, or perhaps a meteorite.

Appears useless, but possesses some odd gravitational force
that prevents its riddance. A dubious soul once said:

"Step lightly round to the right of the great cathedral, and
seek an ancient, shrouded church… The gift of the godhead
will grant you strength…"



While having Tonsil Stone in your inventory, turn right from the Great Cathedral steps, proceed past two hunters, then two executioners and enter the building. If you have 40 Insight, you'll se a giant spider-like creature hanging over the door - insight is only required to see the Amygdala not use the stone. Approach the door and let him grab you. He'll crush you, but instead of dying, you'll get e brief cutscene & you'll appear at the first floor of the Lecture Building.

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