Icon Name Usage Stats Needed
Stat Bonuses
QS Consumption Location
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Old_Hunter_Bone.png Old Hunter Bone Increases the speed of rolling and quicksteps. 0/0/0/15
4 Found in the Abandoned Old Workshop. The Blood-starved Beast must be killed before it is accessible.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Tiny_Tornitrus.png Tiny Tonitrus The player strikes the ground, emitting blue sparks. Requires 25 Arcane. 0/0/0/25
6 Found in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Empty_Phantasm_Shell.png Empty Phantasm Shell Increases weapon damage temporarily. Infinite uses. 0/0/0/15
3 Found in a chest near the lake entrance in Byrgenwerth
34KUnLv.png Blacksky Eye Fires an arcane projectile. 0/0/0/16
1 The Old Hunter's additional content.
Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Requires the Balcony Key from Adeline.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Augur_of_Ebrietas.png Augur of Ebrietas Partially summon ebrietas. 0/0/0/18
1 Found in the Lecture Building.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_A_Call_Beyond.png A Call Beyond Create a small star explosion. 0/0/0/40
8 Corpse on the right passage behind breakable window near Lumenflower Gardens lamp.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Choir_Bell.png Choir Bell Invigorates all cooperating players, healing them. 0/0/0/15
8 Found in the Nightmare of Mensis. Requires the Iron Door Key.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Beast_Roar.png Beast Roar Force of beast roar repels nearby foes and objects. 0/0/0/15
2 Found in the Forbidden Woods, in the building before the cave, opposite the gate to the boss fight.
1V54rWR.png Madaras Whistle Summons a snake head where the player is standing. 0/0/18/0
4 Forbidden Woods treasure. Kill the NPC hunter who spawns near the lamp.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Executioner%27s_Gloves.png Executioner's Gloves Summons wrathful spirits. 0/0/0/20
3 Found in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. Jump out of the window on the second floor in the library and find a chest containing the item.
Bloodborne_Icon_Tool_Messenger%27s_Gift.png Messenger's Gift Changes the player into a messenger. 0/0/0/10
1 Found in the Nightmare Frontier.
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