Blood Gems


Fortification Materials

Chalice Ritual Materials

Workshop Tools

Icon Name Usage Location
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Blood_Gem_Workshop_Tool.png Blood Gem Workshop Tool Unlocks the ability to reinforce weapons
with Blood Gems
Found in a chest in Central Yarnham in the library area after the Tomb of Oedon,
immediately following the Father Gascoigne boss fight
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Rune_Workshop_Tool.png Rune Workshop Tool Unlocks the ability to use Caryll Runes. Found on a corpse in a small basement room in Hemwick Charnel Lane, found after
the room you fight the The Witch of Hemwick in.
Bloodborne_Icon_Key_Items_Workshop_Haze_Extractor.png Workshop Haze Extractor Extracts Arcane Haze from Ritual Materials. In Lower Pthumeru, in an optional side area in Layer 2, just past the boss gate.
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