Watcher's Gravedigger


Watcher's Gravedigger
  • Ghoulish Pthmeruians still occupy these tombs, protecting what they once uncovered changing them forever


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind


Item Notes
Quicksilver Bullets
Blood Vial(s)
Blood gems


  • This enemy is found only in chalice dungeons
  • Comes in a number of variants including Metal Hook, Rifle and Pickaxe.
  • The pickaxe variant will be mining by default in most circumstances and has a small agro radius, they will stop mining however if a Labyrinth Keeper with a blue lantern "rings the alarm" causing all nearby enemies to agro.
  • The rifle variant will attack from long range until the hunter moves in close, at this point he will pull out a Metal Hook and act like the sickle variant until out of range again.
  • Slow Moving
  • Uses the groan sound effect that is used for the Stonefang Workers in Demon's Souls

Attack Patterns

  • Rifle and Metal Hook variants are the same except at range the rifle variant will pull out a rifle instead of pursue.
  • When Equipped with the Hook they will only use 4 attacks and all are relatively slow
  1. A forward step and swing with the hook
  2. A flurry of swings moving forward
  3. A grab with the Hook which lifts the Hunter into the air and is slammed onto the ground- High Damage
  4. A sideways swing with a fairly wide ark

General Strategy

Not too much of a problem, most moves have hyper armour so beware, general strat is go around and backstab or land enough hits quickly to make the kill. Be wary of gunshots at a distance.





The Pthmerians were an ancient civilisation of people who apparently discovered the secrets of the old ones transforming them into what you see now while many are locked within the Chalice Dungeons below Yharnam they still have a strong presence on the surface like the Bell ringing women and the Shadows of Yharnham. They dug the Chalice Dungeons presumably in search of more Eldritch knowledge and continue to dig them as seen by these workers.

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